Baby Turned Two. ROAR!!

So, a million years ago (well, actually it was just last August, but same thing) we hosted a fun summer party at our house to celebrate our young K who turned two.  I couldn’t believe it.  In the midst of making decorations, icing a cake and filling loot bags I was reminiscing on how two years can alternately feel so interminable and so fleeting.  She was just born!  Are you kidding me?  How is she already two?  But then I remembered the long nights and days of cleaning projectile vomit out of carpets and my own hair and I remember “oh yeah, I worked hard to get her here alive and well”.  Good for me.  I deserve a party.

Her newest fascination has been dinosaurs and she spends her days jumping out of corners and from behind doors roaring at her sister and us.  She loves to be terrifying but doesn’t actually think dinosaurs are scary.  She animates them, makes dino voices and asks us to play along in her little fantasies.  Pretty cool to watch, actually.  Her ability for imaginative play is developing in leaps and bounds and her dinosaur-related vocabulary is staggering.  Her favorite is the “ceratops” and she knows that mine is the T-Rex (obviously, I’m fierce) and hubs’ is the Stegosaurus.

I, of course, went over the top in planning and decorating.  I made a friendly dinosaur cake, packed loot bags with dino books, candy and primordial slime (play-dough).  I hid mini-dinos in the backyard for a hunt and then hid mini-eggs in the house for a second hunt.  Cupcakes were dinosaur egg nests and all the food had a theme.  There was something for everyone.  One of my friends brought her 10 year-old son to the party and he left saying that it ‘was the best birthday party’ he had ever been to.  High praise from a 10 year old! I’ll wear that feather in my cap for a while.  This kid has an open invitation from now until eternity!

Here are some pics of the prep, the food and the festivities:


The beauty is the the details:  Dollar store toys, colorful flowers, simple food with creative name tags… Everything adds to the theme.  

I got this idea from Pinterest.  There are a million sources of inspiration out there on the inter webs and this was one of the best.  ImageImageImage

ImageI would not call myself a cake expert yet, but I am working on it.  This one was ridiculously easy.  I’m working on a Nemo idea for the next party – stay tuned!ImageImageImageImageThis baby is 2!  (Well, she was 2 in August, and that was a long time ago…)ImageThis big sister made me so proud.  She let her little sister have all the attention (well, most of it) and didn’t try to blow out her candles or open her presents.  So mature at not-quite four.  
ImageAnd there you have it!  A birthday party that only caused some minor headaches.  The best part by far was when my dad showed up. This isn’t a big deal for many, but my dad just happens to live in Colorado Springs for work and DROVE up for a visit.  My mom was also here from Ottawa which made for a nice reunion for all.  He wasn’t expected until the next day – so we were all thrilled to say the least!  Happy Birthday to my littlest love who isn’t so little anymore.  Sob!