Sick, sick, sick of being sick.

It has been about a month since I have felt well.  It started out as a cold before R’s birthday.  For about a week I fought off the inevitable and then after her party and after we dropped my mom off at the airport I started feeling wretched.  Dizzy, sinus cold, bronchitis and laryngitis.  I had to take a day off work but couldn’t take much more as it was report card time and I had a student teacher I wanted to be around for.  In the middle of the worst cold ever created, I also got a tummy bug.  Rebecca and Kate did as well and were puking for about two days.  Rebecca went all exorcist on us at the dinner table and that was the worst of it.  After the tummy bug cleared I thought the end was near but it seems as though the cold has come back.  I still feel like death.  I went to the Dr and was told there was nothing I could take to help it all clear up.  So, here I sit, in a ridiculously messy house, eating Mr Noodles and watching Swiss Family Robinson.  The student teacher gave it to me as a parting gift.  Sweet girl.  Here’s hoping all this is the perfect medicine.  I am so damn sick of being sick.

2 thoughts on “Sick, sick, sick of being sick.

  1. Frances says:

    Hold on, only two weeks to go and then you get a break in routine. Hope you body does not decide to collapse but take advance of the change. MOM

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