Christmas Miracle: Crash, Bang, Wallop and Off We Go!

Merry Christmas to me.

A few days ago, after finishing an exhausting few weeks of work and finally kicking the plague’s ass, I found myself in the car on the way to the airport with my littlest one in tow to meet my family and all our relatives in O Town.  I had left the house early to get in a few stops on the way to the airport when the oddest thing happened:  I crashed.  Spectacularly.

I was driving in the middle lane of a large highway (Deerfoot to those of you in Calgary) and I started to sway.  The back end of the vehicle just started to move ever so slightly left to right as if there was a strong wind.  The sways started to go further and further and I realized that this was more than just wind.  I almost got it back under control but then started fishtailing widely again and all hell broke loose.  I spun to the right quite far and crossed the left hand lane and crashed in to the median with the right front end of the vehicle.  The airbags deployed and I managed to get my arm up over my face as I screamed something like “no, no NO!”.  We continued to spin and crossed back over the highway and landed in the ditch on the opposite side right before an on-ramp.

K cried as soon as we hit, thank God.  She was buckled in tight even though I hate her car seat and almost always find it impossible to tighten properly.  She bit her tongue a little bit but was otherwise completely unaffected and was giving me high fives and smiling by the time I was on the phone with 911.

I called emergency services and they sent everyone.  A few witnesses stopped immediately and rushed down to see if we were ok.  They all stayed to write reports and fussed over us.  A lovely retired couple with 6 kids and 13 grandchildren (one with the same name as K) cooed with K and made sure she was ok.  I called M as soon as I got a chance to tell him what happened and mostly to tell him that we were ok.  He just wanted us to get to him in Ottawa so he could make sure for himself.  I wrote the report in the back seat of a cop car with K so we could stay warm. I hope that is the last time for both of us in the back of a police vehicle!

The lovely couple who stopped offered to take us the rest of the way to the airport and proceeded to transfer my bags and install the extra car seat in to their plush and warm SUV.  My car was totaled.

On the way to the airport as I contacted M again with an update and my Christmas Angels talked to us to pass the time.  I asked their names so we could properly thank them when we got back to town and they refused to tell me!  They didn’t want to be thanked and asked that I just pay it forward.

I got to the airport safe and sound and made my flight with plenty of time.  Ridiculous errands not done.  But me and the baby safe.  As we waited to take off and as we flew I got more and more achy and sore but I just couldn’t help but feel as though we had been spared or someone was taking extra good care of us that day.  We really should have been more seriously injured.  We were about to roll but didn’t.  We crossed a three lane highway twice and didn’t hit and injure anyone else.  We are completely fine.  I am more than traumatized as that was the single most terrifying moment of my life.  I realize what I could have lost and am eternally grateful that I didn’t and that a few caring souls stopped to make sure we were ok and to usher us off on our Christmas holidays.

Thank you, thank you whoever you are!

Sick, sick, sick of being sick.

It has been about a month since I have felt well.  It started out as a cold before R’s birthday.  For about a week I fought off the inevitable and then after her party and after we dropped my mom off at the airport I started feeling wretched.  Dizzy, sinus cold, bronchitis and laryngitis.  I had to take a day off work but couldn’t take much more as it was report card time and I had a student teacher I wanted to be around for.  In the middle of the worst cold ever created, I also got a tummy bug.  Rebecca and Kate did as well and were puking for about two days.  Rebecca went all exorcist on us at the dinner table and that was the worst of it.  After the tummy bug cleared I thought the end was near but it seems as though the cold has come back.  I still feel like death.  I went to the Dr and was told there was nothing I could take to help it all clear up.  So, here I sit, in a ridiculously messy house, eating Mr Noodles and watching Swiss Family Robinson.  The student teacher gave it to me as a parting gift.  Sweet girl.  Here’s hoping all this is the perfect medicine.  I am so damn sick of being sick.