Boo!  Happy Halloween everyone!  I am enjoying Halloween in a whole new way in this phase of my life.  Halloween used to be all about dressing up in the sluttiest costumes, going to the bars and getting attention.  Total 180!  Now, I am hard pressed to find a photo of me in all this process.  It is all about the kids and how much fun they can have.  R was Elmo.  Her favourite character.  Every time I called her ‘Elmo’ she grinned ear to ear.  K was a Tiny Dancer.  She loved her shoes and couldn’t stop prancing around to show them off.  They were adorable.  It was freezing cold outside so we got like 1.5 trick or treaters.  R went out for half an hour with M and came back with a bucket full of candy which she promptly offered to share with me – what a cutie pie.  K wore her costume all day, to day home, through dinner and all evening.  R didn’t want to take her costume off for bed time.  It was a lovely night.  Now, I have a butt load of candy to polish off.  10 more pounds here I come!  Just in time for fat pants at Christmas! 


4 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Frances says:

    Fabulous pumpkins!! Wonderful how you make the most of every celebration, rite of passage and social occasion over the year. MOM

  2. Anna says:

    I can’t believe how much work you put into for this, it looks amazing! What a wonderful mom you are. (PS. I want an Elmo cake.)

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