Mommy, I want…

I have heard this phrase approximately 8 million times this weekend.  We are officially in the selfish, whiney phase.  R wants what she wants and she wants it loud.  She also does a jumpy, hand-flappy thing while she is whining and demanding things like her sister’s spoon, a different cup, a movie, or a specific coat.  She also whines for help, or for no help at all (it is anyone’s guess which is will be at any given time).  I get it right about 50% of the time.  She has figured out how to get what she wants and how to play me.  Yes, me.  The person who said she would be the tough mom and who had all these games figured out.  Turns out I am the softy in this house.  All R has to say is “I’m hungry” when she is already supposed to be in bed and I am jumping up to get apple slices.  I know she isn’t hungry, but what if she is?  I know she only wants to stay up later but I can’t help it.  Tonight, as she sits in the next room kicking the wall and crying for food, I am only standing my ground because mere minutes ago she was eating her cheesy noodles and drinking her milk before we brushed teeth and she got in bed.

I have started to explain that she doesn’t always get things just because she wants them and mama has to say no sometimes.  I have always been ok with the principle of saying no, but her negotiation and bribery skills are improving every day.  I am already saving for law school.  She needs to hear no and I am doing my best to not indulge her all the time but I am my own worst enemy and she is my little baby.  I don’t want an entitled little brat making life hell for her teachers in the future so I am going to keep on keeping on.  Give me strength!  Tonight, my two friends Merlot and Crunchie Bar are giving me the power to muddle through this evening’s trials and tribulations.  What’s your standby source of strength?  Keep it legal people!

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