This may or may not make any sense. You’ve been warned.

My toddler told me the other day that she hated me.  That sucked.  She also told me a few days before that that I was her best friend.  She is a little package of contradictions these days.  One of the challenges of being back at work is having to try to find a place to park your kids during the ten or so hours that you are gone during the day.  I have been lucky enough to find an amazing woman who feeds them good food, does fun activities and genuuinely loves them.  She is strict, keeps them on a schedule and is very flexible and agreeable.  She also happens to live a block and a half away.  This is all good.  What sucks is that my kids are being raised by another woman and are surrounded by kids that may or may not act the way I would want my kids to act.  So, without going in to too many details about the personal issues of the other kids in the day home, R has come home with a few interesting new phrases and quirks. 

Example number one:  We were eating dinner and having the normal conversations about eating a few more bites and ‘no you will not get a treat if you keep fighting ‘ etc.  In the middle of it all, R turns to me and says in a solemn voice:  “Mom, I am starting to die”.  This struck me as odd.  You can imagine why.  We have never really talked about death with her and this came out of nowhere.  She repeated versions of this a few times and then this gem came out:  “Mom, I am so sad.  Daddy’s mom died”.  Well, no she didn’t.  You just saw her a few weeks ago.  She also has said things like she is “stopping to breathe” and that she is playing the “dead game”.  Ummmm.  I began to get a bit freaked out. 

I talked to the day home lady and she confirmed that this wasn’t some morbid pre-school game they were playing after lunch and before naps.  There have indeed been a few incidents where an older kid has let loose with some cray cray musings during rage filled tantrums.  I was all at once relieved to hear the reason for all this nuttiness but also pretty concerned because I am not sure I want her around this poor kid.  Lovely day home lady has assured me that if this happens again that the older kid will be asked to go elsewhere.  Too bad for him, but a relief for us.  Being a teacher, I know where these things can go and I don’t want my kids to be around in the unlikely, yet scary, event that something happens. 

In other news, today is my b-day and I had a lovely weekend with some amazing friends I have missed for a long time.  Our kids were amazing and I swear I ate like it was my job.  I had lots of red wine, got to do some shopping and stayed up to unreasonable hours of the early morning.  I am exhausted which is why most of this post might sound a bit nutty.

Stay tuned for another installment of Ask the REAL MOM Lady.  Stripper poles and lingerie for tweens will be discussed.  And by discussed I mean lampooned.  People are stupid.

One thought on “This may or may not make any sense. You’ve been warned.

  1. Frances says:

    I am so glad that you have discovered the source of R’s dark comments about death. While she probably does not understand literally what she is saying, a sense of the troubling emotions associated with them are implied with her “sad” reference. While she may be exposed to ideas and behaviours that are not accepted in her home, at a younger age than you would like, it is a fact of life that parents can shield their children for just a few years. So, as you know, that is why it is so important to instill and model core values and attitudes from the day you first hold them in your arms. Gramma

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