Potty training success – and my own worst nightmare!

We completed the three day potty training system, and I have to say it is a miracle! This kid has pooped and peed on the potty with only a few dribbles here and there for two days! She has also woken up dry from nighttime and naps which is fantastic. She feels good, I feel good, and I am excited to save a lot of money on diapers!

We even took R out to M’s (husband, father) flag football game last night even though we weren’t supposed to test drive her skills until today. She said she wanted to try once which necessitated using a – gulp – port-a-potty! As I have already mentioned, I am a serious germaphobe and the idea of using a port-a-potty makes me cringe, shudder, gag and wretch. Using it with a kid involves putting a travel potty seat ON TOP of the actual toilet seat and having said kid sit down and TOUCH things! Oh the horror! I almost lost it. The cherry on top was that as soon as she sat down she said she didn’t have to go and congratulated herself on having a ‘big try’. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? Anyhoo – I guess that is one huge, disgusting hurdle we have conquered – thank god for copious amounts of hand sanitizer. I am still anxioius about accidents and I gave her milk in bed after she woke up and peed this morning which was stupid because she then fell asleep and peed the bed. My bad – I was too tired to get up for the third morning in a row before 6 am and foolishly thought now that she had been ‘trained’ that she would get up and pee on her own. I guess we are still learning. Diligence mama!

One thought on “Potty training success – and my own worst nightmare!

  1. Mike says:

    Good job overcoming your fears of plastic poo saunas. Just think, you’re doing wonders jump starting you kids’ immune systems introducing them to all those new bugs. How long did it take for you to kiss your daughter after using the Porto-potty? Ewwww!

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