Mama! Look at my ‘ulla-wear’!

So, I have been hearing about this potty training method called 3 Day Potty Training for months now and have been procrastinating giving it a try.  It is an eBook written by Lora Jensen and you can find it at  For starters, we have been trying for months to get our oldest daughter, R, to use the potty with any regularity.  In interest of full dislosure I mist admit that we haven’t been trying with much consistency – we have used skittles, stickers, iPhones, stories, coersion and bribery all to no avail.  I know our mistake was the lack of consistency and my honest reluctance to give up diapers.  I hate public bathrooms so much (I am a huge germaphobe) that I would rather change a poopy diaper in the car than have my kid sit on a public toilet seat.  She is going to be 3 in November, is super smart and interested, but I never really gave her the chance.  Also, we were planning and did eventually take a month-long vacation that I thought would make all this too difficult.  So, no more excuses, and here we go! 

We are on day 2 of the 3 day method and things are going well!  On day one, we threw out all her diapers and said that she was going to be wearing undies from now on.  We basically spent the day telling her to ‘remember to tell mama and dada if you have to pee or poop!’ and let her initiate the potty visits.  If we saw an accident occurring we rushed her to the bathroom and let her finish on the potty.  She had a few small accidents in the morning, woke up from her nap wet, but other than that she did great.  She pooped on the potty and did 4 pees on the potty as well.  Today was even better!  Other than waking up wet – no big surprise – she kept dry and clean all day except for a few dribbles.  She is high on chocolate and has about a million stickers but she is feeling the thrill of being a big girl!  I am so excited to not have to scrape sh*t out of her butt crack anymore you have NO idea!  Why didn’t I do this sooner?

Any success stories/nightmare anecdotes to share about potty training?  Feel free to add a comment!

2 thoughts on “Mama! Look at my ‘ulla-wear’!

  1. Lisa says:

    I love that you are doing this! my 2 year old daughter is toilet trained, but unfortunately I still have to scrape sh@t out of the butt crack of my 5 year old son! Boys!

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